The Plant Organelles Database 3

Submit data to the Electron Micrograph Database

Registration is NOT required to submit information and protocols to the Electron Micrograph Database. Users just send the electron micrographs in TIFF format directly to with a completed application form, which is available as an Excel file here. If possible, submitters are encouraged to send the Navigation file in JPEG format, which includes the labels of each organelle, the points represented by arrow(s) and/or arrowhead(s) and a short description on the same photograph (see examples).

Please compile all files (Excel file and Tiff file) to one folder, and sent it to If it is difficult to send the folder because of its large size, we will prepare access rights to the File Transmission System (FTS) in the National Institute for Basic Biology, and you will be able to send the file using the FTS.

Please Note:

- Access to individual mutant lines greatly improves the utility of the Electron Micrograph Database; thus, users are encouraged to donate these genetic resources to an international stock center such as TAIR or NASC if the situation allows.