The Plant Organelles Database 3

Submit data to the Organellome Database

Registered users can upload image files for organelles visualized with fluorescent and non-fluorescent probes to the Organellome Database by logging into our Web-based submission system. New users must download a registration form, which should be completed and sent to Upon receipt, a username, password and information about the data submission site will be sent to the user. The registration form can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word file here. Usernames and passwords for the Organelles Movie Database can be used to log into the Organellome Database.

Please Note:

- Access to individual cell lines and plasmid constructs would greatly improve the utility of the Organellome Database; thus, users are encouraged to donate these genetic resources to an international stock center such as TAIR or NASC if the situation allows. The stock numbers may then be submitted to, and a link to the stock catalog page will be added to our database.

- Submission of data does not guarantee publication in the Organellome Database. To maintain the accuracy of all information provided, each submission will be carefully reviewed prior to publication. The review process will take into consideration several factors, including the use of appropriate measurements (e.g., double staining with previously characterized organelle proteins of known localization) and the publication of peer-reviewed papers containing the submitted data. In some cases, users may be asked to revise and resubmit their data.